1. What is your return policy?

    We hope that you will love your purchase, but in the event that you are unsatisfied please note: we are a very small business with limited inventory of our handmade products. We do not accept returns for refunds but are happy to offer store credit or exchanges in the event that there is something wrong with your product. Credit and exchanges will be offered on a case by case basis. Please contact us to initiate an exchange or provide feedback. 

  2. Do you offer free shipping? 

    Yes, orders of $75+ ship for free. We are a very small business and hope you will understand we've done our best to offer free shipping when possible. 

  3. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

    Yes, we have worked hard to offer the most eco-friendly packaging possible. We use glass and metal when available for our products. Certain products use small amounts of plastic (pump tops, for example), despite our best efforts to avoid this. Our shipping materials are eco-friendly as well, down to our packing tape (biodegradable!)  and bubble mailers (compostable!) 

  4. Where do you source your herbs, oils, etc?

    This is considered proprietary information but you can be assured that all materials are of the highest quality and have been researched, vetted and come from industry respected companies. Herbs, when they do not come from the Wild Rabbit backyard garden, are always organic or wildcrafted and sustainably harvested. Essential oils mostly come from Plant Therapy, which is comparable in quality and research to DoTerra and Young Living, without the multi-level marketing shtick.